Wednesday, April 8, 2009

(3) Winter

In the midst of our meetings, I realized that both of us were
beginning to have strong feelings for one another. I had fallen
in love with Lady Helen. And it was obvious that she felt the
same for me. We never outright discussed our love for one
another, but we both knew that it was there. Besides our
wonderful discussions, there was now this underlying bond
that bound us more and more together.

When I first noticed that ours was becoming a love relationship,
I spent some considerable time praying over this situation.
As a monk, much less an abbot, surely we were drifting into a
taboo territory! But Love will have its way. This new love towards
this wonderful woman was not at all like the lustful love that I had
experienced with the young maiden so many years back.

Yes, there was a physical attraction between Lady Helen and
myself--but we kept it at a level where we could transform it in
other ways, just as pleasurable but more mature. Dare I say
the word "devotion" as a hallmark for the love that we held for
one another? We were not only devoted to our mutual spiritual
journey, but to one another!

Our twice-monthly talks continued over the years. And the warmth
of our love kept us spirited and young! Then, in the midst of those
wonderful years, it suddenly dawned on me that Lady Helen was
the true mate of my soul. I remembered that special dream that I
had when first traveling to Tewkesbury, when I met the great
Light. This majestic Light had foretold that I would soon meet the
"soul of my soul." Upon remembering, suddenly this dream took
on an incredible significance!

From that moment on, I utterly cherished my good Lady Helen.

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