Wednesday, April 8, 2009

(2) Reflection

And within those Benedictine houses, there was a communal life
that depended upon Love and Forgiveness. When humans are
living so close to one another, in family, in a monastery, even on
the battlefield, there is a need for Unity and Harmony if such a
social unit is to be successful. This condition of close living
depends on a practical form of Love and Forgiveness, else it

Also, as a prior first, later an abbot, I had to step onto yet another
plateau, by taking responsibility for the entire monastic community
under my aegis. Sometimes it was a pain attending to monks,
whose personalities were every which way. But I eventually learned
Patience, always a healthy companion to Love and Forgiveness.

Finally, in the winter of my life I was given the gift of Lady Helen.
I found the true mate of my soul. This relationship was about
the clear pure Flame of Love. It was intensely personal, yet near
perfect. After all my years, I had been granted this beautiful love.
And even though my good lady was gone, I felt the most
profound gratitude. Providence was kind to me.

So I reflected on all these different kinds of Love I experienced.
It seemed my whole life was predicated upon Love--even my
mistakes! And I wondered, too, what the future might hold for
me. Would I really see my Lady Helen again? Would we meet
in another form, in another space and time, as was put to me
by the Great Light? I could only hope and pray that this might be
so. Love need be Everlasting if it is to progress unto completion
after completion unto Completion.

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