Wednesday, April 8, 2009

(2) Fall

I knew that it would take a number of days to reach the Welsh
border where my new abbey was situated. Even though sad,
an ounce of humor slipped through when I realized that I was
being sent about as far away from Canterbury possible and
still remain in England. At least I was not sent to the North,
in that it is far more rugged territory.

About midway into our trip I figured that, if not by the king and
Baldwin, I might be put under anyway--what with the persistently
damp weather we had to trek through. I had chills and fever, so
we had to pitch camp in the middle of nowhere. I took to my cot
and slept. Shortly afterwards I had the strangest experience.

Laying still I suddenly felt very light, feeling no weight whatsoever
The tent seemed to have evaporated and, rather, I seemed totally
enclosed in a brown space. It was like a corridor, and at the end
I saw a great Light. As I went towards it, the more luminous it
became. The Light was as bright a light that I had ever seen. At
this point I seemed to be able to see myself, and it seemed as if I
were only a small globe of light standing before this great Light.
I heard thoughts coming into my mind. There was no speech,
just thought.

The Light was communicating with me, and I with it. I felt no fear.
My mind entertained my entire life in review. The great Light pointed
out where I had stumbled, where I could do better, where I had done
well. I cried over my guilt about spurning Love, about my concern
for the young maiden who I had met in my youth. The Light did not
condemn me, but rather relayed that the young maiden was all
right--having taken a new form in another space in another time.
She was well and living far more profitably.

I barely understood what any of this might mean. The great Light
continued, noting the young maiden and many other souls of my
acquaintance would forever be linked with my soul through all
space and time. But the young maiden was *not* the mate of my
soul. Rather I would soon meet the "soul of my soul." I felt very
comforted by this Light. There was only Love and Comfort. Then
I was told that I had to return, because there was yet much work
for me to do, much learning I must come to understand.

Suddenly I was back in the tent, wrenched awake. For a few
minutes I seemed paralyzed, not able to move, rendered
incredulous by this strange dream. But eventually a strong
energy moved through my body. My fever had broke, and I
felt refreshingly hopeful and ready to move on!

Several days later we finally approached Tewkesbury Abbey. It
was near a small village, situated near the confluence of the River
Severn and the River Avon. Drawing near I realized that I was
looking at an architectural gem. The Abbey and its Church looked
to be a beautiful masterpiece of golden stone. The sheer
magnificence of the place took my breath away!

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